Indoor Restaurant

The rooftop bar and bistro atop the apartment, is a true getaway from the surrounding city. In the summer, guests can relax with shareable punch drinks and seasonal dishes in a space that’s designed to mimic a train.

  1. It caters to nature enthusiasts with a variety of plant-based adornments. Not only does the hotspot have a 26-seat garden, but it features a lush green wall incorporating plants like philodendron, pothos, dumb cane, and fern in addition to edible plants via ingredients like rosemary, jasmine, mints.
  2. If your NYC abode is—like most of ours—lacking a backyard, take a trip to Brooklyn for a taste of nature without the extensive trek. The food takes on a whole new meaning with a garden that grows ingredients (think: crab apples, grapes, figs, cherry tomatoes, and more) that find their way into the restaurant’s cocktails and seasonal dishes. Sunflowers, morning glories, honeysuckles, clematis, and periwinkles add to this full-fledged garden paradise.
  3. If your nature escape involves a slightly more upscale iteration, the place at the world-recognized luxury apartment is an ideal destination. Drawing from the Winter Garden in London as inspiration, the remarkably calming space even features palm trees, swathed by uncommon amounts of light, which shine through the domed, skylight ceiling.