Welcome to Villalobos Suites

19th-century building, located in the center of Cadiz, next to the beautiful Plaza de la Candelaria, in the old town of Cadiz, near the cathedral and the Roman theater.

Recently renovated (summer 2021) composing and restoring the original elements as they were. The central courtyard is typical of Cadiz, with a glazed enclosure.
With cistern, and an original rim. The patio enclosure and exterior windows are in white lacquered wood and with a thermal bridge for better thermal and acoustic insulation. The exterior windows feature white lacquered wood shutters to eliminate light and avoid textiles. The interior of the building is modern, decorated in a contemporary style, cozy, comfortable, and luxury.


Our reception and cleaning team will be happy to assist you to make your experience special. We have QR codes with all the information, but we also have maps to explain everything about Cadiz, We will help you with your reservations, and we have guides to restaurants and leisure of the city and the province.

Experience the history of Cadiz

Historical Splendor

Wander through narrow cobblestone streets lined with elegant buildings, witness the city’s majestic cathedrals, and explore its ancient forts, such as the iconic Castillo de San Sebastián and Castillo de Santa Catalina. Cadiz boasts a history dating back over 3,000 years, evident in its well-preserved landmarks.

Vibrant Culture:

Experience the rhythm of flamenco echoing through the streets, immerse yourself in colorful festivals like Carnaval de Cadiz, and discover the city’s artistic soul in its museums, galleries, and lively plazas. Charming Atmosphere: Feel the laid-back vibe of Cadiz as you stroll along its picturesque promenades, admire the sunset from the historic sea walls, and lose yourself in the enchanting ambiance of its ancient squares.



Nearby restaurants

Indulge in Cadiz's delectable gastronomy, influenced by its maritime heritage. Sample fresh seafood straight from the Atlantic, savor traditional tapas and sip on local sherry wines, all while enjoying the warm hospitality of the locals.

Cultural Attractions

The oldest city in the west is well worth visiting for its cultural offerings. Discover the Museum of Cadiz, the Roman theater, Castles, and bastions. The route of churches and its cathedral and of course its Phoenician and Roman ruins.


The Canalejas Parking is the closest place to park. Despite not having a parking area, we make it easy by providing all the necessary information.

Beaches nearby

Cadiz city has 4 beaches, within the old town, is the famous beach of La Caleta known for its wonderful sunset. Crossing outside the walls, we find La Victoria and Santa Maria.